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GP Consult has successfully established itself as one of the leading recruiting firms.

In addition to providing permanent and temporary , we have expanded our services throughout the years to include Human Capital Outsourcing, Project Management, and Shutdown Management.

As a truly South African firm, we see ourselves as an integrated component of the country’s society, having a presence in all provinces.

We believe that the happiness of our customers is important, and hence their loyalty, is the key to our success. Our total business mindset is influenced by our value care.

Our story

GP Consult has continually adapted to meet the dynamic needs of job seekers and employers so that everyone experiences success.

We’ve always done things our unique way. GP Consult was formed in 2005 as an entrepreneurial start-up with the premise that staffing might be less about financial gain and corporate bottom lines and more about real connections and significant effect. Gerhard Potgieter, our Managing Director, began his career as an industrial psychologist, advising businesses on how to effectively manage and offer training for their existing personnel in order to upskill and keep them engaged. We have grown enormously and in a variety of ways since then. Today, we are a mission-driven organisation devoted to empowering people through the value of opportunity; we offer our best to put people to work.

Our Mission & Vision

GP Consult’s mission is to exceed customers’ expectations by providing outstanding customer care through innovations created by talented, satisfied employees, while positively contributing to the society.

Our vision is our why. It’s not often where you work in an industry where you can directly see how you’re helping people. We love it. We consider it a privilege to be trusted by our candidates to guide them on their career paths and by our clients to find their colleagues. 

What we do affects the lives of thousands of people and can make a huge difference in our communities as well. We are humbled that we get to do this every day.

Our Shared Value


We are local

We run our business locally that impact the diverse place we call home. We aim to make placements that enrich the lives of our jobseekers and strengthen the businesses in their comunities.


We are Resourceful

With resilience and grit, we turn obstacles into opportunities, engaging our people, our experience, and our tools to get the job done. Our consultants each have their own specialisations and knowledge of the local markets. And when things get tough, we pivot and persevere.


We are committed

We have a true interest in you and your success. We are considerate and emphatic on your needs as we work on your behalf. This starts by building genuine relationships, where we understand your needs at a deeper level, and we have candid and sometimes tough conversations. This is how we work together to achieve the results you want your career and your business.


We are insightful

We look past job descriptions and resumes to see what's really there. Combined with a unique perspective on local markets, deep understanding of industry trends, and decades of expertise, our placements make a difference. When we go beyond the paper, we become the guiding partner our jobseekers, clients and colleagues deserve.

Meet The Team

Managing Director - GP Group

gerhard Potgieter

Managing Director - GP Consult

Lindokuhle ndwandwe

Chief Financial Officer

Gerhard Van Staden

National Recruitment Manager

Liesl Cloete

Northern Region Manager

Karen Erasmus

Southern Region Manager

Jacques meyer

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We all know that we spend more time in our workplaces than we do with our loved ones. Each GP consultant takes the responsibility of impacting lives with the care and understanding it deserves.